Tubidy Compete in the Music Streaming Industry

Apple Inc. is a market leader in technology and has released many innovative products throughout the 21st century. They are simple to use for everyone. I guarantee you will find iPad users from ages 3 to 93 walking around the airport. Apple has built its reputation by creating new, bold products that are two years ahead. Apple recently announced that it will be a late entry in the music streaming sector, which is growing at a rapid pace. Apple on Monday announced that iTunes Radio would be available as a radio streaming option for all Apple products.

Strong Field of Competition

Apple faces many competitors in the music streaming industry. Pandora Radio is currently the market leader for streaming web radio. Pandora has spent the past 13 year perfecting its recommendation system, media player, user experience, and user experience. The company is said to have more than 150 millions users. TuneIn Radio, a key player, offers more than 70,000 worldwide radio stations to users from every continent. Many tech titans are also participating. Spotify and Facebook partnered together to make it possible for users to search the entire catalog of 20 million songs. It allows users to share playlists, listen and play radio stations, as well as set up feeds that let friends know what song is playing. Twitter has discussed the idea of starting a music-suggesting service. Google just announced Google Play Music All Access Tubidy.

Will iTunes Radio Remain Successful

iTunes Radio will be a huge success for Apple, I believe. While I’m not used Apple coming in as a second player, I really like the work they’re doing. The iTunes Store, which opened on April 28th 2003, was the first place to sell digital music. It is the most popular music store in the world, selling more than 26,000,000 songs. Apple’s iTunes Store already contains a greater number of songs than Spotify, which is a well-known music streaming service. Apple shouldn’t join the radio streaming market, considering that music fans are increasingly choosing to listen and purchase music from larger libraries than individual albums.

Reasons to iTunes Radio’s Success

Apple may be following the lead of every other tech company in a field already saturated with all kinds of giants. Apple has been delivering amazing products to music lovers for years, and this is not Google or Twitter. The iPod changed how I listened, stored and listened to music. I don’t think anyone has ever owned an iPod. Even those who got the Microsoft Zune purchased an iPod. iTunes has been the top media player and library software ever since its release in 2001. Apple iTunes Radio will offer a blend of the best of all music streaming services. The more I use iTunes Radio to play music, the more personal the experience. This is because all the music I’ve collected in the last decade is already stored within my iTunes library.

iTunes Radio allows me the ability to choose any song in my music collection and it instantly creates a new station around it. Apple is also creating adjustment tools that let you control the balance of discovering new songs and playing your favorite songs. Apple is expected to use similar software in iTunes Radio. iTunes Radio gives me the opportunity to buy and download tracks I’ve already listened to via the iTunes store. iTunes Radio saves everything I listen to. I can then tap “Buy” to instantly add the song to my iTunes. This is amazing! Pandora has many wonderful songs that I have enjoyed and want to add to my iPod immediately.

In Closing

I only own an iPhone 4S or an iPod Classic. So I’m not one those Apple-haters. I believe they are experts in digital music. Apple is unlikely to overtake Pandora at the top, but they will be successful. Apple has a loyal customer base. I expect that iTunes Radio will be embraced by many when it launches in the fall.

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