MP3 Downloads Bringing Benefits to Everyone

It has never been simpler to get access to the vast amount of MP3 free music available online. The vast audience that can be reached by using the internet is a reason why many bands distribute their music online. Many bands use their websites to share demos, interviews and b-sides. They hope that this will attract new fans and help them get hooked.

The Internet provides many simple ways for new bands to make their music known. Myspace is a popular website where many new bands share information about their band and music. Visitors can stream music or download it. Mini sites are available here and they can be customized. The amount of space is generous.

The sites allow for personal relationships to be formed between the bands and their fans. This up-and-coming band, Yeah Yeah Yeah for instance, previewed its new album on, allowing fans to listen before the release best youtube mp3 converter. This exclusive arrangement, which has been in place since 2007, has attracted tens and thousands of visitors to the band’s website, giving them free publicity. 

This arrangement may seem beneficial to the musician as well as to the listener. However, for some bands, it is anathema. They assume that this will lead to lost sales, and in turn, loss of profits. Some of the more well-established bands are reluctant to launch their own sites for music sharing, and others fight to stop file-sharing via peer-to-peer networks.

Artic Monkeys, a British band, recently demonstrated that the idea of online music sharing having a negative effect on CD sales is not true. Instead of losing CD sales because the band posted all of their music on their site, they became one of the best-selling debut albums of all time.

Most of us own MP3 players, MP4s or both. A large part of the population has not yet experienced the thrill and excitement of being able to listen to or watch videos with just a click. No more clumsy tapes, CDs, or DVDs that get damaged or chewed. Digital music and videos are precise, compact and portable. They can also be downloaded and played almost anywhere, even underwater.

The million dollar question. What brand of MP3, MP4 player or combination should you purchase? Brand name players are advertised everywhere. If you purchase these models, you also help to cover their huge advertising costs. It can also make brand-name players more expensive. The prestige and name recognition of a name brand player is also a cost. Consider buying a name-brand player if you find it at an affordable price. Don’t overpay for an MP3 player, as manufacturers are using similar parts.